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Carer Name: Nabilah
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny, Pet Care


Hello there,

I am currently a 23 year old woman who is studying a diploma in Theater. I have 2-3 years experience of being a part time nanny for children ages 1-10 year olds (reference can be provided by families). I too, love pets and I do know pet care, Dog walker and Cat groomer.
I do enjoy playing and being around children and the skills i have learnt in my past or current experience me in the future as i do want to be a drama teacher for children.
My number one priority is always safety first.
I am currently scheduled for school right now and I am working at a children’s playground at ‘The City’ during the weekends from 9am-7pm.
My manager does allow us to bring in our children or any children we are currently taking care of, here for free.

My schedule for working as a nanny (can be any day or any timing which has stated, your preference):
Monday: 6.30pm and onwards
Tuesday: 7.30pm and onwards
Wednesday: 6.30pm and onwards
Thursday: 5.30pm and onwards
Friday: 5.30pm and onwards
Saturday and Sunday: (if you want your children to have fun at the indoor playground)
(If you want me to come afterwards)
8pm and onwards

Locations: Preferred from Punggol – Habourfront areas. (Purple line areas)

Thank you.

Published: 7 years ago

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