Babysitter Available in Bukit Batok

Carer Name: May
Service Area: Singapore


Hi parents 🙂 ,

I am Meili. I am willing to help you to take care of your child.

I would prefer if you bring your child to my house and I would provide food for your child. I have experience with babysitting and I currently have 2 children attending secondary school, 1 is 13 and another is 16.

You can give a private text if you are interested. For pricing we can discuss when you are interested. Thank you.

父母你好:) ,我是meili。我很愿意帮助你照顾你的孩子。如果你把你的孩子到我家,我会为您的孩子提供食物。我有保姆经验,我现在有2个孩子在中学就读, 1是13 ,另一个是16 。

Published: 7 years ago

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