Babysitter for the Weekends

Carer Name: Trixie
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny


Hi there!

Are you looking for someone reliable to look after your child? Fret not, cause I’m here to help!

My name is Trixie, and i’m a Preschool Teacher who provides Babysitting services to children from ages 2 months to 12 years old. Should you be looking for a babysitter to come by on the weekends, please contact me.

Having good rapport with the children is important for me, therefore, it is necessary that we have a meet up with your child(ren) before we begin.

I have a bubbly-fun personality that is well-loved by the children, yet keeps a firm hand in discipline. I am someone who will expose the children to as many skills as possible and encourage them to be independent and responsible learners.

Should you feel that your child needs someone FUN, yet firm, please feel free to contact me! You’ll have no regrets!
Till then~!

Published: 8 years ago

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