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Carer Name: cheryl
Service Area: Singapore
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I’m CJ, 30 yrs old working as a domestic worker here for almost 4yrs

2 different employer with finish contract doing household chores and take care children and new born.

My first employer is Chinese that I was take care 3yr old and twins new born since 0month. I finish my contract go back Philippines.

Never comeback for my previous employer coz I stay long vacation on Philippines and my second employer which is I take care new born little girl then 2yr old brother I finish my contract they don’t want to renew coz lots of financial problem they allowed me to find direct employer.

I was in my new employer now for 1month I try my best to communicate with them they are both good and OK until suddenly change.

My boss is German and the girl is Singaporean I want to find pure expat employer that can allowed me to take off day every Sunday no curfew and allowed me to take off public holiday and allowed me to hold my papers like permit and passport.

I can do my best to do my great job as long as they treat me like family allowed me to eat 3times a day anyway I have a group dance here in Singapore. that’s why Iwant every Sunday off to do practice with my group.

Thanks a lot and more powers hope you can help me to settle my problem.

Thanks a lot.

Published: 7 years ago

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