Child-lover student with experience as teacher

Carer Name: HELENA
Service Area: Robina, Australia



My name is Helena, and I am a Brazilian environmental engineering student in Australia for a student exchange program at Bond University.
In my opinion, the most rewarding part about caring for children is fostering relationships with them and their families. I cherish the moments when I can help families support a child’s growth and become an integral part of their development.
I have experience as an early childhood educator and primary school teacher, and for me is very important to challenge teenagers and motivate children to learn new things. I am creative and I love developing educational activities and can inspire youths to find new passions and hobbies. I am also very sportive and enjoy playing active games and motivating the children in sports practice.

I will be happy to assist your little one with his homework, and if he has difficulties in maths or science, I am sure I can give outstanding help.
I also don’t bother about doing simple housekeeping work and like feeling as helpful as I can. To sum up, I want to build the best relationship possible with the family I will work with. I am very respectful, friendly, and responsible, and work with passion.
If you believe we are going to get along well, contact me to schedule a meeting 😊

Published: 7 months ago

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