Chinese Female Babysitter (can help with homework)

Carer Name: Denise
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Nanny, Pet Care


Hi! I’m 19 this year (2015), chinese female, currently waiting for my A’ level results. I have experience taking care of kids aged 3-12 and I have a younger brother that is 10 which I regularly take care of. However, I do not have much experience babysitting as a job but I am willing to learn and responsive to feedback.

Personality: Friendly, warm, positive 🙂
Suitable for families looking to hire someone to pick their child up after school and take care of them and provide homework guidance to them or play with them.

I can gladly pick your children (if nearby) and provide your children with homework supervision or do my best to give additional tuition/help if you would like. In a way, I can act as their older/big sister! 🙂 I am able to do light cleaning when your child is taking a nap or not home.

If you have any concerns feel free to send me a message.
Thank you for viewing this!

– Denise

Published: 8 years ago

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