Confinement Nanny slots Available

Carer Name: lucy
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Child Care, Home Sitter, Nanny


I am posting on behalf of my Malaysian Aunty. She has been a Confinement Nanny in Singapore for the past 10yrs. She is a live in confinement Nanny. She is a great cooker who is ale to wipe up many confinement food easily. She has help to take care of more than 100 babies & families

She is able to do 21/28/56 days confinement nanny services depending on ur needs. She used to work for one of the biggest Confinement Nanny agency & received many good reviews

Myself & a few friends (confinement Nanny) are avail to take on assignment. If anyone is looking for a Confinement Nanny, we are all avail to find U someone either for confinement/ live in / live out nanny or even just part time.

Thank you for reading


Published: 6 months ago

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