Energetic and Loving babysitter:)

Carer Name: Mana
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Nanny


I am a student who attends to an International School. I’m 18 and I love to hang out with kids . I’ve done a lot of volunteer work with kids such as at YMCA and taking care of my teachers kids. I decided to sign up here because I really really love to hang out with kids and build relationships with them. It makes my day and I believe that it would be a good experience for my future career. My friends describe me as a hard worker, loving, warm-hearted and easygoing but when its serious, she does her job. I would like to help many parents and get to know more people in my life. Again, I’m a student so I can’t be there all the time except for when I am free but I would still love to be involved in this.

Published: 8 years ago

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