Experience nanny since born baby /all around

Carer Name: Janet
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Child Care, Home Sitter, Nanny, Pet Care


Goodmorning,I am Janet 45 years old…Baptist Christian,I am seeking a employer by April or May since my contract will end that depends on the situation, I am experience nanny if I have a choice I would just take a job taking care babies:)
I been a nanny for 6 years before I came to sg. My
1st employer was a local with 4 kids I take 3 of them since born I been with them. For 10 years
And my 2nd employer was European with 2 kids i take both of them since it’s going almost to be 6 years…they can manage there kids now so I dicided to find early if they have…. Also for both employers I does cooking I love to cook as long as there is a recipes…, and also around job in the house…..

Published: 3 months ago

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