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Carer Name: suvathi
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny


Hello there!
More about myself:
I have many years of experience with children, i am healthcare trained. Comfortable with children of any age including babies. I was specially trained in neonatal, including experience with a children’s clinic. Hence I am able to safe, inclusive and fun environment.
I am CPR, AED and first aid trained.
Working experience with children for more than 4 years.
I have helped plenty of families, local & expats to babysit. I enjoyed babysitting ever since I started looking after my siblings children when I first started of.
Fully vaccinated from all singapore required vaccines including covid vaccination. If you would need an ART to be done before the day of babysitting do let me know!

I do both babysitting at my house as well as client’s house.

I would be able to take care of :
Newborns & infants ( changing of diaper, feeding, bathing, attending to baby’s needs or even just to help parent out )
Toddler – Preschooler ( Pick up/Drop off , simple cooking, bathing, keeping them occupied, supervising etc )
School kids ( Pick up/drop off, Simple cooking, supervising, coaching and tutoring homework etc )

I grew up with pets hence i am comfortable with pets.

Hobbies include reading, art ( I was an art student ), swimming.

Please feel free do drop me a message should you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Published: 8 months ago

1 thought on “Experienced babysitting services”

  1. Very unprofessional, never on time, takes multiple leaves and sometimes informs very last minute. Took a deposit from us and hasn’t returned the balance amount after several text messages and follow up on our part. The agreement we had was 5 days a week for 3hrs/day, not a single week did she come all 5 days. We are first time parents with a newborn and it was a huge inconvenience for us trying to check with her everyday if she would be coming or not, and now trying to get our money back. If you want someone reliable I would look elsewhere.

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