Experienced full time helper and nanny

Carer Name: Lyness
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Child Care, Home Sitter, Pet Care


  1. Good day
    My name is Lyness Buena from Philippines.40years old a single mother with 1 son.i am looking for a new employer.. I have 8 years experience working abroad.. From may 20015 – august 2016 I worked in Hong Kong as a helper with my sister..my job scoop includes taking care of new born and cleaning.
    2016-2019 in Singapore same employer but without my sister.
    2019-present working with a single mom and a teen now..and a dog.. I am not good in cooking but I am easily to learn..I can work independent and I can communicate well..if you are interested pls. Contact me if you have question..
    Thank you and god bless..

Published: 5 months ago

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