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Carer Name: Lyn
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Child Care, Nanny


I am Rolielyn Dalaza, 45 yrs old. I’ve been working as a helper for 6 years. My first job as a helper was in Malaysia. Duties are: cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing clothes, following grandmother when she ask me to. Teaching the 8 yrs old girl on her homework.
Next is here in Singapore, Malaysian family with 3 kids. Duties are: cleaning, meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, washing and ironing clothes. Their family moved to other country after 1 year that I worked there and they let me transfer to other family.
Third is Filipino family with 1 kid. Duties are: Taking care of 4 yrs old kid. Send and pick him to and from school. Arrange playdates for him. Teaching on his homework. Grocery shopping,cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing clothes. They go back to Philippines that’s why they let me transfer after 1 year and 6 months that I am working in their family.
And my current employer is French/Chinese family with 2 kids age 10 and 4 yrs old. Duties are: Taking care of the younger one, sending and picking her to and from the school,arrange playdate for her, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, washing and ironing clothes, accompany the elder kid to her extra class.

Published: 5 months ago

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