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Carer Name: Caselda
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Nanny


Good day, employers. I’m Caz, 47 yrs.old. I have been working here in SG for 12 years. Since working here, I look after newborn and small kids.. I love to look after small kids. ‘m looking up for new employer. Thank you.

Published: 12 months ago

6 thoughts on “Full time nanny”

  1. Hi Caz,
    1) Do you have reference? Current employer contact where i can do a background check, if you dont mind.

    2) Take care of baby & do basic house chores such as washing baby clothing, clean baby room.

    Working hour 9am to 7pm. Mon-Fri.
    Saturday 11am to 4pm (where we will be out to a enrichment centre)

    3) Living in Jurong west area.

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