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Carer Name: Cindy
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny



My name is Cindy

I am a multitasking housewife(no helper) with 2 independent children. Daughter(lawyer), son (gifted programme) is in national service

I love to babysit young children, enjoy their company.

I am a Singaporean chinese,
speaks n writes Chinese/English fluently , dialects: hokkien, teochew n Cantonese ,
class 3 driving license, clean driving record.

Active , energetic , creative, responsible, sporty(tennis, cycling) caring, and fun loving etc.

Articulative n can communicate with young children

I have been babysitting since 2020. Part time/full time.

Please contact me if you need a part time nanny.

Published: 4 weeks ago

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