Househelpers Should be Regarded as Assets not Liabilities

Carer Name: Babylyn joy
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny



I am looking for a live out/live in househelp job. I will be ending my 4 yr contract by january 2018.

I am a matured individual, self starter, independent and work with own initiative. I am educated with high level of English. I can do marketing, and plan a weekly menu within your budget.

I cook healthy food and bake goodies using natural ingredients, (fruit and vegies). Cooking is my passion and the kitchen is the next place I love most in a home.

I am soft spoken and never shout to anyone, thus, I expect the same from employers. I prefer settling misunderstandings in a peaceful manner and proper communication, civil way, no shouting required.

I am open to new learnings, and suggestions, work related. I never harm children, nor anyone, so I expect that no one would harm me as well, domestically; emotionally and physically. I work professionally, follow house rules, and very well mannered and highly organised.

Cleanliness is one of my virtues, in myself and surroundings. I love good things, rest assured I will treat your things with great care, as mine. And I stand with my principle, that worldly belongings’ worth will be priceless if gain with my own sweat, so your personal belongings are very safe with me.

And no worries about childcare, I believe a happy child will have a happy life. I have reared my son alone and he has grown to be a responsible young adult, so your children will be in good hands with me. I can help with child discipline and education, when required. I know parents have their own special ways in rearing their children, i will respect yours. I play piano and guitar, to entertain myself. and travel, on my holidays.

I do volunteer work on Sundays, and holidays, and currently learning sign language. But if employer needs me on a Sunday, it can be arranged.

I can drive on emergencies only.

I assure all employers that i am an asset, not a liability. 🙂

Thank you for taking time to read my profile, let me know if I can help you.

Published: 8 years ago

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