Looking for an-Expat Employer

Carer Name: Catherine
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Child Care, Nanny


Hello employers,
My name is Catherine V. Belicena 40 years old, Single, and College Graduate from the Philippines, I’ve been working here in Singapore for almost 10 years as a domestic helper,

My 1st employer is from India,
From 2015 to 2021,
I’m taking care of the children ages 12 and 20 years old, and im doing the house chores like cleaning, ironing, marketing and cooking, I know how to cook Indian food, Chinese and Western food, and I can follow recipes from the book or youtube, I know how to do simple baking too like cake, muffin or biscuit.
Reason to leave: they were going back for good.

My 2nd and current employers are Singaporean,
From 2021 to the current period,
I’m taking care of the kids ages 7 and 9 years old, and doing the house chores too, Cooking, cleaning, ironing , and marketing,
Reason to leave: We are 2 helpers in the family and they decide since the kids are growing they don’t need 2 helpers in the family.

* I’m looking for an ex-pat family to work with.
* I’m willing to take care of kids and do house chores too,
* I can do an interview anytime
* I can transfer anytime soon

Looking forward to working with your family soon Sir/Madam.
Thank you

Published: 9 months ago

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