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Carer Name: Madu Nair
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Madu Preschool Teaching Experience

HI I’m Madu

I have 25 years of experience as a Babysitter.
And I have 6 Testimonials given to me by my clients for babysitting.
And I have 2 years of experience as a Preschool Teacher.
Im 46 years old and a Singaporean.
I can speak fluent English, Malay, Tamil and Malayalam.
I live in Hougang, accessible to most MRT Lines.And able to work in all locations.
I have 3 adult kids of my own.
I have experience, working in Preschool Childcare Center, as a teacher.
I have worked in YWCA, Childcare Center at Bishan from 1992-1994.
I have been working for 2 years as a Full Time Preschool Teacher.
Have experience in handling big group of kids.Its not an easy task at all.Need a lot of PATIENCE.
But I can do it.I love interacting with kids of any ages.There are different ethnicities of kids there.
They are very cute and active.And very smart too.
I love kids of any ages.And I love my profession.
I have been assigned to classes, from infants up to kindergarten.All of them are lovely and adorable.
And I have established a good relationship with all expats and local families too.
I’m a responsible, trustworthy and systematic person.
I need to make sure,kids taken their bath.
Check whether food given on time.
Need to check, whether if there is medicine to be given to kids.
Prepare them for a short nap.
Those who cant sleep, will be given story book to read.And will sit next to me.
I can entertain kids of all ages very well.
And I also discipline wayward kids with tact.
My activities usually will be playing, reading, singing nursery songs, outing and to keep the kids captivated.
And ofcourse, playing intelligently with them.
Adept interacting, teaching, supervise homework and tutoring English, Maths, Art and Craft and etc.
Basically I love kids.
I don’t have teaching certificates for preschool.
And after which, I left the job, to be a Full Time Babysitter.

I have lots and lots of experience working as a babysitter.Im keen in working for othere families too.Please accept me,base on my experience, knowledge and my ethics.Looking forward to your reply.

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Published: 7 years ago

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