Responsible, Experienced Part-time Babysitter, taking care with love

Carer Name: Jenny
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Elder Care, Nanny, Pet Care


I am a local, an experienced mother who has been the main care-giver in bringing up my 3 children, currently aged 22 to 29.

I am also a volunteer Bible teacher.

Currently, I am seeking work as a part-time nanny / babysitter for a sense of fulfillment and also to gain some financial independence.

I believe that my love for children, maturity and dependableness are much needed for the role, as children are very precious to you as parents.

Also, I am an experienced cook as my husband is a gourmet food-lover. I specialize Asian cooking like stir-fry dishes, rice and noodle dishes and soups.

If required and suitable to your needs, I will be happy to engage slightly older children in simple activities like baking simple pizzas or muffin cakes during baby-sitting time or to read and tell stories to younger children.

I am also confident in taking good care of infants and feeding them. Moreover, as a pet dog owner myself, I am also comfortable to handle pets.

Published: 7 years ago

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