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Carer Name: Claudia
Service Area: Singapore
Category: Babysitter, Nanny


I have been take care baby 3 month to 18 month. Main thing is to take care baby, wash water bottle, pad her or him, bathing, play with me and bring them down to walk and also help parent buy when they need. I am available

Published: 1 month ago

4 thoughts on “Take care baby”

    1. Hi I am Claudia here, u am Chinese and Singapore. I have take care 3 month to 18 month .
      My main job will take care baby , feeding baby milk , wash baby bottles, pad her sleep, bring her go for walk about 530 or6pm until her parents came back. Also I will help cook baby food and help you to buy thing will u need .

  1. Hi,
    How many years of experience taking care of 0-12mths?
    I’m looking at 9am to 7pm, Mon-Fri.
    4-5mths old baby.
    Mainly looking after the baby , clean babyroom, wash baby clothing and do light house chores.
    Drop me a reply, if you are still available.

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