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Carer Name: Rifkah
Service Area: Banten, Indonesia
Category: Elder Care, Home Sitter, Nanny


I was graduated from one big of university in Jakarta, Indonesia, majoring Management Air Transportation.
My title is “Associate Degree”
I was worked many years in office and now i want to find new experience in abroad and i choose a job as a nanny.
Why nanny?, because i love to interaction with someone older than me, i was take care of my late mom start she sicked and i always remembered that time and it wasn’t easy for me, but i was glad because i did it,
So, i apply job as a nanny now.

Before i take care also almost 2 years in one of family in Jakarta (senior nanny) and i can give reference number by mobile

Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

Rifkah Septiana

Published: 4 weeks ago

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