It's for both carers and employers.
Typically carers are babysitters, but may be nannies, pet sitters, house sitters, elderly care-givers, domestic helpers or cleaners who are looking for assignments.
An employer is anyone looking for a carer
If you are a Carer, click here here or choose Submit Ad in the top bar menu.
If you are an Employer, click here here, or go to Post a Job in the top bar menu
You can send messages through the comment section at the bottom of each ad.
To get contact details, login to your dashboard to buy credits with either your credit card or PayPal.
Each time you unlock the contact details of a user one credit will be deducted from your deposit.
Note that carers can view only the contact details of employers and employers can view only the contact details of carers.
Please post your free ad here: Submit Ad
Please create your profile by filling in the form here: Submit Profile
After posting your ad, edit your profile here: Submit Profile
Submit/Edit Profile
It will take less than a minute
Please note that it is important to post a fresh ad when you are ready to take on a new job - potential employers can message you from the comment section at the bottom of your ad.
Post a job description by filling-in the form here: Post a Job
It will take you less than a minute.
Carers will be able to message you from the comment section at the bottom of each ad.
You can bookmark any jobs and profiles you are interested in. You can also add notes to each bookmark which can only be read by you.
Carers can set up alerts in their Dashboard Tools. Define Alerts by keywords, categories, tags and location, then set how frequently alerts are to be sent.
Buy 10 credits at a time which do not expire. If you set to auto-renew your credit card will be charged again and any unused credits will be carried over to the next month (max: 20). Each contact request costs 1 credit.