child care

Help in the house – no live in.

looking for someone who can be an extra pair of hands in the house: help with baby and housework. No work permit issued, must be legal to work in singapore.

Live out full time helper

Hello We are a Spanish Indian Family looking for a live out part time helper who comes daily Mon- Fri and Sat nights when needed . We have two kids 5 and 9 years old and looking for someone who can clean and cook well.   thanks


Single parent, expat who travels extensively needs a live in Nanny to prepare meals, do household chores and supervise 11 year old son.   Job is full time for short term  March 1 to June 15 2024


Babysit my 3 months old baby girl. Able to prepare my breastmilk for her during daytime. Babysitter has to be loving, caring and patient to Baby. Babysitter will ensure baby has enough sleep during daytime. Babysitter should not let my kid to play with phone, tablets and watch television. Babysitter will update baby’s daily activities …

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