Stay out helper, 4 to 5 days per week.

  • Part Time
  • Singapore
  • by William Lin

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About the Job

We are looking for a helper to help out with household chores for our family. Main chores include general cleaning, ironing etc.

We used to have a stay-in helper whom we paid $900 per month. She has finished her contract and we are exploring a stay-out helper for now.

If we can get along well and we find the helper suitable, we can consider a stay-in option with a permanent contract.

For now, we would prefer a stay-out helper, ideally someone who can help out 4 to 5 times per week.

We can begin with adhoc PT cleaning for a start. We stay in Tai Keng Gardens (Near Serangoon). Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.


7 thoughts on “Stay out helper, 4 to 5 days per week.”

  1. Hi I am interested Ma’am currently working as live out Monday to Friday working with local family but now due to their financial situation can’t afford to pay my monthly salary because of 1 only working before they both work husband and wife but only husband because of her second pregnancy situation it’s sensitive my job scope with them is look after the baby from 6 months tidying cleaning the house cooking now she’s 18 months is going to School already please if you are interested to know more kindly message me thanks

    1. Hi, i’m looking for an employer. My contract will end this coming March 1, (Contact details removed, please see the FAQ here.) . I’ve been working with them for 8 years. But since my contract will end by 1st of March. I wanted to go back to philippines for just 5 days to attend my son’s graduation on the month of May since i haven’t been in philippine for 2 years already.

      My employer will renew my contract for 1 year to have time to find a new employer since my contract will be finishing soon. And they are willing to give a realese paper and good referrence😊.

      These are my duties:
      *clean the house
      *look after the boy
      *shopping etc.
      I also had an experience in taking care of an infants.
      I used to bake too since I studied Basic Baking. I can follow new recipe in any website.

      No Pets pls🙏

      Everysunday off
      Public Holiday
      (If so, stay out would be better for me)

      When it’s long holiday they allow me to staycation with my friends or relatives🥰

      It sad to transfer but there’s a little bit of problem, but it’s not about me nor between me and my employer hehehehe..we can talk about it in private because i want to respect there privacy😊…

  2. Hello Maam,
    Im kathleen I’ve been working here in since (Contact details removed, please see the FAQ here.) my contract will finish September (Contact details removed, please see the FAQ here.) and im looking a new family to work with.
    I look forward hearing from you thank you.


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