looking for live-out part-time maid

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About the Job

We are a young family with a single toddler (1 year 2 months) who is looking for a part-time helper, 5 days a week. We are flexible about the arrangement and are happy to pay well. But we cannot offer a live-in option. Tasks will include cleaning, washing, ironing, some cooking, and taking care of the toddler.

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6 thoughts on “looking for live-out part-time maid”

  1. Hi good evening I’m interested with this job, I have experience working in Singapore almost 11 years
    I have experience to look after the baby’s and the children, I can do cooking , cleaning, do market, ironing etc
    I can cook chines food , and wersten food and follow the recipe,
    I have experience Working with British family and Americans family and China family too thanks

  2. Hi ma’am/sir,I’m interested with this job I been working here in Singapore 12 years.I can cook western and asian food,my last employer is American and taking the baby’s from infants to 6 years old.they relocated other country that’s why Im finding new employer .please you can ask more about me😊

  3. Hi ma’am/SIr, good day to you there.im interesting
    Hi ma’am/sir,I’m Suria from Indonesia.im a single mother 38 years old
    Im 12 years in Singapore and have experience look after baby from his born,i can cook, baking and easy to follow recipe,hope i can join with your beautiful family, thanks and good bless you and family ❤️🙏

  4. My name is LILIS NURFARIDA , I’m 29yold , mother of 1 gorgeous daughter . I had experienced working in Singapore for 5years .

    -First employer is Indian family of 6 (sir , mam , 7yold girl , 5yold girl and 3yold twins ) which is my job is cooking cleaning and take care of them like send and fetch them from school or tuition. Both parents are busy working . Sir always go overseas and stay home for couples of weeks after that go to other countries and mam nurse which not really stay at home to so they trust me to take care of the house n kids for 2years and half . I need to transfer bcs they return back to their country. We still keep in touch .

    -second employer for 1months only Chinese family with 2peoples at home (ahma n ahkong) , I did trasfer bcs ahma kick and spited on my face just bcs I’m shower 2times a day (morning n night before going to bed) .

    -third employer is Italian British with 3 ( sir, mam and one handsome boy (from 7moths till 2years and 8 months old) which is need special help and attention) . My job is cleaning , cooking and take care of the boy . I’m working with them for 2years and one month . I need to transfer is bcs they returned back to Switzerland . We also still keep in touch .

    -fourth employer is Australian and Indian family (sir is Australian and mam Indian) of 4 ( sir , mam and 2kids (5yold boy and 6months girl) . My job is cleaning , cooking and take care of the kids ( send and fetch the boy from school , feed the baby and playing with them ) . I’m working with them for 1year it’s bcs by that time my mom is sick so i need to take care of her and my daughter . We also still keep in touch .

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