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  • Female, 41 years old from Singapore
  • Updated 4 months ago

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Work Type: Full Time, Live-in
Residency Status: Work Permit
Languages Known: English, filipino, visayan

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About Me

I’m Ronalie Velarde 41 yrs old single and Christian,I’m very friendly and outgoing person fun to be with😊I’ve working here in Singapore for almost 18yrs. I do housekeeping, cooking and baking as well. My first employer is expat Indian with 3 kids ages 1,3,5 I stay with them for 3 months then they relocate to U. S. 2nd is a local Chinese family with 2 girls 1 and 5 yers old working with them for 11 yrs,Children are independent no need helper anymore😊next is Hong Kong and French family with 1 girl 5 yrs old working with them for almost a year and agree for transfer, 4th family is French family with 2 boys 7and 9yrs old and a cat😊❤️ been working with them for almost 4 yrs,and then they moved back to france.And fifth is a french family with 3 children 15,13,and 7 and 2 cats ,move back to france,and the current one 8s a malaysian british eauropian family with 3 young children,5,3,2, and small dog,stay with them for more than a month,and aggree for transfer,as i cant handle all 3 young children and 1 dog and all housework,and cooking all by myself.


August 10 2023

General housework, child and pet care at French

Need employer ASAP

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